Top Reasons to choose organic foods

And in life, it is all about choices we make. And how the direction of our lives comes down to the choices we choose. It is obvious, yet a remarkable essence of life that though the fortune of every living and the non-living thing has been defined, yet what makes it achievable is the choice that one makes. So, the actual disgrace is not to the fortune but the person is accountable for it. A glimpse of the past years show a prolonged discussion of organic foods but still many people are finding it hard to swallow the reality of preferring them. Here are some simple but effective reasons of making organic foods preferable over the conventionally grown ones. One of many reasons is that it does not harm the reproduction process.

Resists Reproduction Problems

The foremost reason to choose organic foods is that due to the lack of the chemicals it doesn’t affect the reproduction process. Since the growth of a human body starts in the womb of the mother so whatever a mother intakes, it influences the growth of her baby. So far studies have proved that six anabolic steroids were being used on beef cattle. Among these, three steroids, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone are natural and the rest three are synthetic estrogen compounds. Since sex or any other steroid for genetic modification increases the liability of harming the human fetus so those men whose mothers had the highest beef consumption of the cows which were being injected these steroids, about 18% of them had their fertility at stake. Moreover, other genital diseases’ probability rate is also higher with the consumption of estrogen, a chemical used in non-organic foods. On a contrary side, organic foods’ growth does not involve the estrogen or any other chemical’s use which makes it a healthy option. Furthermore, environmental betterment is yet another reason to prefer organic food

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability can also be the reason to provoke the people towards eating organic food. Biodynamic farming is a type of organic farming in which food is grown with particular composts and natural activating substances and it aims to promote the ecological harmony and environmental sustainability. In addition to this, organic farmers, with the use of physical weed control and green manure try to lower the risks of environmental damage. Consequently, environmental pollution is lowered at a great level due to minimal soil erosion. Along with the continual of natural reproduction phenomenon and atmospheric prosperity, another reason is its better taste.

Direct Proportionality of Taste and Health

Along with ensuring health prosperity, organically grown food is also tasty. On a small scale, the chefs were found to prefer organic food with respect to its better taste, color and flavor as compared to the conventionally grown food.  In a survey which was being conducted by the National Restaurant Association, it was found that 50% of restaurants offered organic items. Various studies showed that since, organic food restores the integrity of vitamins and has a higher average level of antioxidants so they have better and intense flavors than the non- organic foods.So, apart from health, this is a good news for better taste seekers and especially for children to prefer organic foods over the non- organic ones.

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