Organic Foods: Are they safer?

Myths and fiction have some things in common, as both state some significant qualities with which a fool can easily make his/ her identification clear. One of which is the lack of proper judgment. However, wise men have always regarded “a clear judgment being done at a proper time” a complete indication of prosperity because the assurance of anyone’s safety doesn’t depend on luck but it has to do with the preparation. More than a decade has passed since the regulation of USDA’s program for the organic agricultural marketwas made possible. On a matter of fact, it was spontaneous to think and ask for this “health” labeled program if it was truly meant for the safety or was just a way to increase the expenses of people in order to welcome a huge capital. Bearing this question in mind, several indications helped simplify the answer to this.

Better Fertility

When it comes to the fertility of crops, manufacturers are continuously on a run to produce the best quality fertilizers which they think can ensure a good growth of crops. However, these synthetic chemicals are highly poisonous for not only the health of its consumers but also for the growth of their offsprings that is it damages the DNA. Almost 2.3 million tons of pesticides are used per annum with 75% of these used in countries like U.S. Also to increase the growth rate of crops, conventional methods of farming which include sludge-based fertilizers, herbicides, and growth hormones are being used which lower the presence of vitamins and other nutrients in the food. Unlike these conventional methods, though the time taken by organically grown food is more but it restores the natural vitamins and enhances the functioning of immune system. One very important supportive example of which is the reduced risks of hypospadias among pregnant women. Hypospadias is basically a defect in male birth which is greatly lessened with the frequent consumption of organic food.

Reduced rate of Disorders

One of the many things which have made parents question the health of their children is neurological and other health disorders in their children. About 8.7% of US children aged from 8 to 15 are found with the symptoms of the most prevalent and pediatric psychiatric disorder,‘ADHD’ due to the consumption of food being coated with pesticides at the time of its growth. Though the bacterial harm towards organic food is more common as compared to the non-organic food but it has been concluded that a high amount of antioxidants are related to a reduced risk of chronical diseases, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative ailments. Furthermore, the life extent of a human is more promising with the consumption of organic stuff.

Environmental-Safety Assurance

Healthier and more sustainable use of natural resources is promoted by organic foods. Several chemical compounds are highly toxic for the beauty of the earth and hence lead to a decline in the natural fertility of soil and increase in salinity. This contamination of soil is not just limited to the ground but also spreads in the air and affects the other living things that are the animals and people who work or live nearby. So, with the health at stake, the insurance of safety is not valid unless a proper preparation is done in this regard.

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