Why Choose Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

There are many reasons why people choose Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center, but some of these are more important than others.  So to make things easy for you, we’ll list its advantages from most to least import.

1. It’s JCAHO accredited

‘JCAHO’ stands for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Why should this influence you? Here’s the reason: that accreditation means that the facility is rated as high quality medical facility. Few Addiction Treatment Centers are able to offer that assurance – in fact, only 6% of them have it.

Addiction treatment is no holiday. Depending on the substance an addict has been abusing, detox can be downright dangerous – unless they’re in good hands. At Options Malibu, they will be.

2. It has a holistic approach to treatment and recovery

It’s not just a matter of drying you out, putting you through a bit of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and group therapy, Passages Malibu treats body, mind and soul, rooting out the secret cause of your addiction that you yourself may not be aware of. Its philosophy is that addiction cannot be seen as an isolated condition. There’ a reason why people become addicts, and that has to be addressed.

3. A four to one ratio of staff to clients

At most addiction treatment centers, there are a few staff and a whole lot of patients. That limits the amount of individual attention you can get. But Passages Malibu is all about individual attention and care. That’s why it offers the highest-ever ratio of staff to clients seen in the US

4. No 12-step program

The AA’s famous 12-step program doesn’t work for everyone, and some doctors believe that there is no scientific reason why it should work at all. One doctor has even published a book debunking it as “bad science”. So if you don’t feel like painful meetings in which you bare your soul before a group of others who may or may not be trusted to keep your revelations confidential, relax! You won’t have to do them.

5. Tailored therapy program

Since there’s no 12 step program, you may be wondering what box Passages Malibu is going to try and shove you into so that you fit into the patient program. Again, relax. With 21 different types of therapy at its disposal, Passages will tailor make a program that’s right for you as a unique individual.

6. Privacy matters – you are not a child – or a prisoner

In most addiction treatment centers, inpatients have to share rooms and are not allowed to communicate with friends or family. Passages allows you to use a phone (in the privacy of your room) and offers full internet access.

7. Your family is included in therapy

Home and family pressures may contribute to addictive behaviors – and your addiction may have left family members with resentments. At Passages, family therapy is practiced to allow the patient optimum support from loved ones who now have a better understanding of their background.

8. Sobriety and new purpose

Among the counselors who will be helping you after your initial, medically monitored detox will be a sobriety counselor and a life purpose counselor. After all, patients enter addiction treatment centers looking for a new and better life. When they leave, how will they stay sober? They need to be armed with the tools they need to remain clean in the face of triggers and temptations.  They need to know what new life they’re trying to build. It has to be something they believe in.

9. Caring for your body

Addiction is bad for your body. Without a healthy body, you won’t be able to enjoy your new life. Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center helps you to recover your health, not only through serving nutritious, gourmet food, but also through personal trainers who will help you regain muscle tone and fitness and yoga classes.

In closing, we get to the part that everybody else notices first

This is the part that has drawn envy, snide comments about ‘luxury holidays’, and sometimes even the wrath of those who feel addicts should suffer – at least a little bit – for their sins.

What they don’t understand, is that losing your addiction is like breaking it off with an old friend who has had a really negative impact on your life. There’s a certain amount of grieving involved. There’s also detox and dealing with cravings. It’s no picnic.

At Passages Malibu, there will be no shortage of opportunities for relaxation, fun activities and adventure, and the five-star amenities, gracious surroundings and beautiful views will make your transition as painless and as positive as possible.

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