10 things you should buy ORGANIC

What is organic food?

The food which is grown in an eco-friendly environment without using any sort of fertilizers, pesticides or other such chemicals is considered to be organic. With the passage of time, organic food and products have made their strong place in the society that most of the people choose to buy and use organic products. Some fruits and vegetables are highly recommended to buy from organic farms as there is a high risk of getting diseases from the way they are grown using many chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. 10 of such fruits/ vegetables are mentioned below:

  1. Dairy:

Ever think in how many different ways we are using dairy products in our daily lives? Milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, butter etc are used on a daily basis at our homes. But are they safe to use? Sometimes people inject the cows with antibiotics and growth hormones in order to increase the productivity of cow’s milk whose intake is harmful to human beings. While buying for all these products, always choose organic items as they are safer to use.


  1. Apples:
    WHY apples??? A famous saying quotes ‘an apple a day, keeps doctor away’. But can you imagine apples are considered to be at highest risk of pesticides use on them?? Apples are used mostly by people because of its uniqueness of having fibers which keep our digestive system run smoothly. So always go for organic apples and keep yourself healthy.





  1. Corn:

Corn is used differently in our food items but unfortunately, today more than 80% of the corn is genetically modified which is not safer to use. Always go for Organic corn and popcorns as well.


  1. Cucumbers:

A result showed that cucumber had 86 different types of residues of different chemicals on it when examined. Eat healthier, go for organic.


  1. Grapes:

Fruits like grapes are easily eatable. But do you, according to a research they have 16 different kinds of pesticides on them. So always go for organic grapes and wash them properly before eating.


  1. Meat:

Since we have to be choosy in terms of buying dairy, we must be very careful in buying meat too. Cows are injected many antibiotics and hormones growth injections that can make them weigh more and are sold easily but is very dangerous for humans. Although organic meat is expensive than conventional meat but that is healthy for our body.


  1. Potato:

The most used vegetable is potato as it is used in different ways. But do you know it is also ranked as dirty vegetable in terms of chemicals and pesticides sprayed on it?? Organic potatoes are far healthier to use.


  1. Spinach:

A vegetable whose healthiness is famous among children too because of famous cartoons ‘pop-eye the sailor man’ can be harmful as well??? Spinach is one of the famous green vegetables which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. But unfortunately, it is also being harmed by pesticides and chemicals. Eating organic spinach is healthy.


  1. Strawberry:

Who doesn’t love to eat strawberries? But did you know they had many residues of pesticides on it? So before buying strawberries, make sure you pick organic ones.


  • Bell peppers:

One of the colorful vegetables which is full of vitamins also has many residues of pesticides on it. So always go for buying organic bell peppers.

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