Nutritional Benefits of Organic Fruits and Veggies

Isn’t this ironic that obsession for fitness makes us run for gyms but prevents us from necessary intakes? In the light of the actual concept of fitness, such person is like a rolling stone which gathers no moss. Perhaps, it is more of some effort for maintaining an equilibrium in life with the implications of unsteadiness. Nutrition is something which shapes both inner and outer look of someone. As George Fuechsel said “Garbage in Garbage out”. Similarly, nutrition in health out is a concept that revolves around the human body. When it comes to the organic foods, whether fruits or vegetables, both have their peculiarities with respect to the nutritional benefits.

Metabolism and Skin

Nutrition in organically grown food is higher as compared to the non-organic food. The ‘Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” published a study in which the amount of nutrition were found more in organic foods. The vegetables like lettuce, spinach, carrots, potatoes and cabbage had more amount of vitamin C than the same amount of vegetables grown conventionally. If we talk about the benefits then there is 21.1% more iron, 29.3% more magnesium and 13.6% more phosphorus in organic foods which is good for bones and metabolism.  Similarly, beta carotene is a compound which is only found in specific vegetables like sweet potatoes which are not harmed by the chemicals. After consuming beta-carotene our body converts it into vitamin A which produces a connective tissue which is important for a healthy skin. Moreover, organic carrots have more amount of T cells which boosts the immune system.


Here are other significant advantages of the nutrients present in the organic veggies and fruits. When the percentages of antioxidants were being determined in both organic vegetables and fruits, visible percentage differences were found. 69% higher levels of flavanones, 19 % more phenolic acids and 51% more anthocyanins where anthocyanins are used to fight against urinal problems and for lowering the blood pressure. Similarly, phenolic acids which are found in plums, mangoes, kiwis, onions and in many others reduce the chances of cellular damage. Also, it helps the body prevent the exposure to inflammatory damage if the phenolic acid is taken in an abundant amount. So, nutritional benefits’ proportion is higher in the organic foods. A good thing about fruits is that taste and health come all together and if it’s organic then it exceeds the limit of both. Like organic strawberries are better in antioxidants, fiber, phenols and Vitamin C and so it is highly advantageous the cardiovascular activity. So, for strawberry lovers, this is a good news and if it is not organic then now is the time to switch to that.

Healthy Life Expectancy

Long life expectancy assurance is made possible with the abundant use of organic foods. A significant point noted in the study of organic food is that the presence of cadmium in them is 48% less than the non-organic one. You may wonder if it is a news or not. Well! Not just a news but a good one because cadmium can cause damage to the liver and kidneys and high amount of it more toxic.  Moreover, it is found that just ½ cups of organic navy beans contain about 32mcg of iodine which not only positively utilizes the calories of the body but is also responsible for the improvement of thyroid glands. So, with a handful of nutritious, gaining fitness is not a huge deal.

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