Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Have you ever watched a morning glory? It smoothly unfurls on the rise of dawn, welcoming the nourishment which it gets from the sunshine, its joy expanding with every stretch of its petals, away from the receptacle. As soon as the petals start showing visible curling, the flowers usually start to fade and morning glory’s joy vanishes due to the absence of the sunshine which makes it wise to believe that the happiness of any living thing grows by leaps and bounds only if a good health is affirmed. In 2002, the adoption of certain food regulations among the people regarding the organic food production was made possible by USDA’s National Organic Standard in order to maintain the quality of food. Certainly, this program leads to various health benefits among the people who started consuming it and not the conventional one.

A better-perceived research was carried out by scientists in past few years. So, according to the researchers at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Research at the University of Aberdeen and the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, organic milk is healthier than non-organic milk as it has more antioxidants and vitamins. Same goes for the organic tomatoes as those are not being nourished by nitrogen-rich chemical fertilizers so they have an increased amount of antioxidants in them which help in reducing heart diseases and cancer. However, while contemplating the production of non-organic food, studies have concluded that organophosphorus is a potent chemical which results in developmental problems like autism and ADHD and 80% of this compound comes in our body by eating food being overlaid in pesticides. Besides, for those who are sensitive regarding their immune system, preferring nonorganic food is quite farcical of them.




Facts have stated that organically grown food stimulates the immune system. In the “Journal of the science of Food and Agriculture”, Italian and Danish researchers stated that when organic carrots were fed to the lab mice, the carrots were found to be associated with an increase in immune T cells which leads to the stimulation of both intestinal and peripheral immunity. Another important research which was being conducted was the testing of genetically modified food on animals which showed the reduction in the immune system strength, an increase in birth mortality and sexual dysfunctions. So, the prohibition of chemicals used for genetic modification in organic food again makes it a wise choice that one can opt for. Moreover, the absence of certain harmful chemical fertilizers makes organic food healthy.

The greatest wealth is health. It has been already defined so even if certain chemical fertilizers are not used in organic food kind, nothing can disrupt the blossom towards verdure. In contrast to the conventional crops, the organically grown food is not given nitrogen from synthetic fertilizers so the latter grows slowly and produces more of secondary plant metabolites which are found as health promoting compounds. Apart from consuming these, organic farming methods reduce pollution and soil erosion and increase soil fertility. Besides, farming without pesticides is also better for the health of nearby birds, animals and also for people who live or work in the fields.

Probably using nonorganic food seems a better idea to some people but when it comes to health, a denial towards the importance of organic food does not seem a wise notion. So, taking all these benefits into consideration, consumption of organic food is conducive to the prosperity of mankind.

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