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Organic food is the food produced with pure products without any chemicals involved. The food produced by organic farming methods. Organic products are produced without any use of synthetic and persistent pesticides, artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, artificial products and genetic engineering. In 1920’s farmers used natural ingredients to feed the soil and control pests. In 1939, a new way of farming emerged. The consumers demanded organic food as they became sick of the use of chemicals in food. Today, there are supermarkets for organic food that are running successfully. Using organic food will protect against the dangerous insecticides known to dislocate neurological development in infants and children. Organic food constitute more than 2% of all food in U.S and organic sales are estimated increasingly by nearly 20% annually since 1990, reaching 13.8 billion in 2005, organic farming utilizes various methods to enhance or maintain soil fertility such as crop rotation, tillage and cultivation practices.

Most customers consider organic food healthier, more nutritious than nonorganic food. Mothers consuming mostly organic milk and meat products are found to have about 50% higher level of rumeric acid in their breast milk.


Organic food is important for improving the substantial condition and production of the mud. Some organic material to use as mulch are leaves, lawn clippings, fresh sawdust, fine wood shavings, and pine needles, chopped straw, ground corncobs, and shredded tobacco or sugar cane stems, peanut hulls or cotton seed hulls. The dead plant should be chopped down or removed.

  • Choose the location which receives the most sunlight. Protect your area where you want to plant from the wind that tends to blow your property.
  • Select a plant which will have multiple purposes, such as fruit trees.
  • Protect your plants from waste that people throw away. It’s better if you put a garbage bin in your garden.
  • Protect your plants from pests. The timing of planting is very important to avoid pests and diseases. Attack by cutworms can be prohibited by placing a small collar of stiff paper.


According to some scientific studies, organic milk and tomatoes are better than nonorganic food and these are the healthiest things for children or pregnant ladies. Organic food has more nutritional superiority than its nonorganic food. There are no pesticides, no chemicals that can affect our body systems and prevent us from suffering any diseases or illness.

Organic food is not tasty as conventional food but it is healthier for us.  It’s cheaper and you can actually save money. It has a better effect on animals, Its helps to protect animals from any disease like bird flu or other diseases.

Organic farming is much better for the environment. Animals that are organically grown are not given antibiotics and growth hormones. Organic foods help us to control weight.

So today consumers are preferring organic food as compared to conventional food as it is healthier and it’s much nutritious for children. It helps to avoid any disease or illness rising in our environment. Less taste but much better for one’s health!

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