Why Choose Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

There are many reasons why people choose Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center, but some of these are more important than others.  So to make things easy for you, we’ll list its advantages from most to least import. 1. It’s JCAHO accredited ‘JCAHO’ stands for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Why should this […]

Grow Your Own Organics

Organic food is the food produced with pure products without any chemicals involved. The food produced by organic farming methods. Organic products are produced without any use of synthetic and persistent pesticides, artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, artificial products and genetic engineering. In 1920’s farmers used natural ingredients to feed the soil and control pests. In […]

10 Best Organic Foods

Apples A is for apple―and A is also for a lot of pesticides. According to the Food and Drug Administration, more insecticides (a whopping 36) is found on apples than on any other fruit or vegetable. In one test, as many as seven chemicals were spotted on a single apple. Apples are high in anti-oxidants […]

10 things you should buy ORGANIC

What is organic food? The food which is grown in an eco-friendly environment without using any sort of fertilizers, pesticides or other such chemicals is considered to be organic. With the passage of time, organic food and products have made their strong place in the society that most of the people choose to buy and […]

Understanding the benefits of Organic Food

“But there comes a moment in history when ignorance is no longer a forgivable offense.” As a great admirer of Dan Brown’s novels, I couldn’t agree more to this maxim which despite its beauty, depicts a harsh reality which only the wise lot of this planet can understand. Now the actual concept revolves around the […]

Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Have you ever watched a morning glory? It smoothly unfurls on the rise of dawn, welcoming the nourishment which it gets from the sunshine, its joy expanding with every stretch of its petals, away from the receptacle. As soon as the petals start showing visible curling, the flowers usually start to fade and morning glory’s […]

Organic Foods: Are they safer?

Myths and fiction have some things in common, as both state some significant qualities with which a fool can easily make his/ her identification clear. One of which is the lack of proper judgment. However, wise men have always regarded “a clear judgment being done at a proper time” a complete indication of prosperity because […]

Top Reasons to choose organic foods

And in life, it is all about choices we make. And how the direction of our lives comes down to the choices we choose. It is obvious, yet a remarkable essence of life that though the fortune of every living and the non-living thing has been defined, yet what makes it achievable is the choice […]


The hype and trending of buying and using organic food are so much high nowadays that you can see 1 out of every tenth shop selling organic products. Trusting all of those shops can be harmful some of the time as some not so famous shops try to sell conventional products as organic ones just […]